Forage & Cover Crop


Our forage seeds have been professionally selected for the Mid-Atlantic region and are intended for high yields and low management, increasing our customer’s profitability while ensuring a thoroughly reliable foraging crop. Our region-specific pasture formulations and mixes feature durable seed varieties intended to supply the nutrition your livestock needs while holding up to today’s intensive grazing methods year after year.

We Specialize in Custom Formulations.

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Annual Ryegrass aka Italian Ryegrass is a cool-season annual. It's dense-rooted and tolerates compacted soils. N catch crop for heavier ground.

Annual Ryegrass

Birdsfoot Trefoil is a perennial legume. Tolerant of marginal, poorly drained and/or low pH soils.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Buckwheat is a short season annual. It establishes quickly for temporary cover for weed suppression and biomass.


Crimson Clover is a good N fixer, is easy to incorporate and is less likely to become a weed.

Crimson Clover

Custom Forage & Cover Crop Seed Mixes


Brassica. Biomass and deep penetrating root improves compaction. Daikon Radish is a good N catch crop.

Daikon Radish

Hairy Vetch is a hardy winter legume. It's used for hay, pasture or for erosion control and is commonly planted with cereal grains.

Hairy Vetch

Brassica. Biomass. Good N catch crop.


Brassica. Excellent biomass with high "biofumigation" potential. Contains ISCI 99. Mustard Caliente 199 has excellent disease, weed and nematode suppression.

Mustard Caliente 199

Brassica. Purple Top Turnip improves compaction, water infiltration and weed suppression.

Purple Top Turnip

Brassica. Rape (Canola) improves compaction, water infiltration and suppresses weeds.

Rape (Canola)

Red Clover is a short-lived legume and is an excellent N fixer.

Red Clover

(Wheat x Rye). Sow earlier than wheat (Hessian fly-free date N/A). Exhibits more Fall growth. Triticale is easier to till in and is slower in Spring than Wheat or Rye.


White (Ladino) Clover is a legume that is a good N fixer, reduces compaction and tolerates wet conditions.

White (Ladino) Clover

Yellow Sweetclover establishes well in dryer conditions.

Yellow Sweetclover