Golf course superintendents know the importance of possessing a thoroughly reliable product for reseeding and maintaining pristine playing conditions. In order to fulfill this need, we offer a diverse range of turfgrass seed varieties, mixes and blends formulated for superior wear tolerance, disease resistance, fast establishment and quick recovery from damage. 

We specialize in custom formulations, and Maryland Interagency Certified Blends & Mixtures for Maryland & Virginia Certified Sod Production.

Chesapeake Valley Seed... Seed With Service!

Elite Kentucky Bluegrass Blend formulated with wide genetic diversity. Performs under low mowing height, wear, and excellent sod production.

VITALITY® Opulence Kentucky Blue Grass Blend


Our best performance turf type perennial ryegrass blend featuring gray leaf spot & wear tolerance.

VITALITY® Triple Star Perennial Ryegrass Blend